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Calgary RoadRunners Club Youth Development Fund

Why you should donate

From its beginnings many years ago, the Calgary Roadrunners Club (CRR) has been involved in youth athletics throughout the Calgary and surrounding area.  We’ve been aware of the importance of running in the development of youth health and fitness and have dedicated our expertise and resources in several areas.  The CRR established a Youth Development Fund in the early 1980’s and have encouraged its members to donate part of their membership fees to maintain this fund.  The CRR periodically replenishes this fund to maintain youth related activities.

The CRR has provided timing and computerized results for some school events, including middle school and high schools, both Public and Catholic, and provides finish line display clocks and event assistance for end of season school championships.  A scholarship program has been established for student athletes going on to college and funds for team T-shirts have been provided.  CRR coaches have worked closely with school coaches and athletic departments to subsidize the purchase of running equipment and to provide advice on athletic events.  All CRR sponsored races have established discounts for race entry fees for students.  We even include kids’ runs with every CRR winter cross country run.  So we’re involved with youth running from age 2 on up.

We encourage members, non-members and businesses to donate money to our Youth Development Fund so we can continue our efforts to encourage youths to become active, healthy members of society.

How to apply for a scholarship

Athleticism and education for young people are important to the Calgary Roadrunners Club.  One of the main goals of the Club is to encourage and support participation in road and cross-country running for youth in conjunction with gaining a solid education. In order to assist young runners in their pursuit of advanced education, the Club has a long-established fund that provides a one-time scholarship to two of its student members.

If you are, or will be, a student at a post-secondary institution, please consider applying for one of our $500 scholarships. A scholarship is awarded to one successful male and female applicant each year.  Please see the application form for details on how to apply.

Another important function of the YDF is to support youth-oriented track events.  If you, or someone you know, are organizing such an event and would like to learn more about CRR sponsorship through this fund, feel free to contact any member of the CRR Executive.  You’ll find us on our website.